Call for Video Spotlights

ACM MM 2013 authors are invited to submit videos for display on screens around the conference centre. This offers all attendees an opportunity to become aware of your paper, and thus to be attracted to attend your poster or talk. The video collection will also be published online on the website of ACM MM 2013 and linked to the conference program.

The videos will be short (maximum of 30 seconds) and will be displayed without audio at the conference centre (we want to run them on multiple screens, and don’t want to create a cacophony in the conference centre). As the examples below show, a 30-second silent video can quite effectively get across the main idea of one’s work, even if very simply prepared.

In the above example, we arbitrarily chose four papers from various sources as examples. They are quite different: some are video-based, so naturally fit the format, while others are purely presentation-based. We hope all show the kind of approach one can take in a 30-second silent video.

Detailed Video Submission Format

Please submit a 960x480x30sec video. The video should not contain your names and affiliation: these will be added in a band at the top, as shown on the example video, yielding a 960×540 qHD frame. It can have audio, but this will be present only in the web archive at the end of the conference.


  • Allowed format: readable by VLC player (
  • Length: Maximum 30 sec. Everything beyond 30 seconds will be cut
  • File size: Maximum 20MB
  • Size: 960×480 pixels (2:1 aspect ratio). The PowerPoint 2010 template available may be of assistance [Link the pptx template]
  • Audio: It is allowed and useful for the web archive. Note that the videos will be displayed without audio at the conference centre.

More detailed instructions about how to submit your video materials will be provided later on this page.

Submission Instructions

Video files have to be submitted through the following EasyChair instance:

By submitting a video, you authorize ACM Multimedia 2013 organizing committee to publish it on the website of the conference and to display it on screens during the event.

To ensure that your submission will be accurately linked with the conference program, PLEASE USE EXACTLY THE SAME TITLE AND AUTHORS ORDER than the one you used for your initial submission (i.e. your long or short papers, demo papers, doctoral symposium papers or Brave New Idea papers). The abstract and keywords fields might be used for online publishing and indexing purposes. You can use either use the ones of the paper submission or adapt them to the video content.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: September 6, 2013


For any questions regarding tutorials please email the Video Spotlights Chairs:

Giovanni Maria Farinella (University of Catania, Italy) gfarinella -at-
Alexis Joly (INRIA, France) alexis.joly -at-
Julien Champ (INRIA/LIRMM, France) julien.champ -at-

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