Wordkshop Day 1 Schedule


2nd International Workshop on Socially-Aware Multimedia
Organizers: Pablo Cesar, CWI, Matthew Cooper, FXPAL, David A. Shamma, Yahoo!, Doug Williams, BT
9:00-9:15 Welcome to the workshop
Doug Williams, Matthew Cooper, David A. Shamma, Pablo Cesar
9:15-10:00 Keynote: Eric Gilbert, Gerogia Tech
“Learning How People Use Multimedia Socially”
Chair: David A. Shamma
Session: Socially-Aware Information Retrieval
Chair: Matthew Cooper
10:00-10:15 “Are There Cultural Differences in Event Driven Information Propagation Over Social Media?”
Jianbo Yuan, Quanzeng You and Jiebo Luo
10:15-10:30 “Exploiting Socially-Generated Side Information in Dimensionality Reduction”
Alejandro Marcos Alvarez, Makoto Yamada and Akisato Kimura
10:30-10:45 “Socially-aware video recommendation using users’ profiles and crowdsourced annotations”
Marco Bertini, Alberto Del Bimbo, Andrea Ferracani, Francesco Gelli, Daniele Maddaluno and Daniele Pezzatini
10:45-11:00 “Socially Motivated Multimedia Topic Timeline Summarization”
Mathilde Sahuguet and Benoit Huet
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30-13:00 Fireside chat with Lyndon Kennedy
“Emerging Trends in Social Multimedia”
13:00-14:30 Lunch Break
14:30-15:30 Fireside chat by Munmun De Choudhury
“Role of Social Media in Tackling Challenges in Mental Health”
Session: Social Interaction and Presence
Chair: Doug Williams
15:30-15:45 “Empathic interactions in future media scenarios”
Koen Willaert, Martijn Vandenberghe, Mike Matton, Bob De Wit and Peter Versieren
15:45-16:00 “CoStream@Home: Connected Live Event Experiences”
Niloo Dezfuli, Sebastian Günther, Mohammadreza Khalilbeigi and Jochen Huber
16:00-16:15 “A QoE Testbed for socially aware video-mediated group communication”
Marwin Schmitt, Pablo Cesar, Simon Gunkel and Peter Hughes
16:15-16:30 “Connected Media and Presence”
Joke Kort, Harold Nefs, Charlie Gullström and Tjerk de Greef
16:30-17:00 Coffee Break
17:00-17:45 Keynote: Dick C.A. Bulterman, CWI
“Understanding Social Media Engagement: Have Expectations Exceed Results?”
Chair: Pablo Cesar
17:45-18:30 Conclusion
Doug Williams, Matthew Cooper, David A. Shamma, Pablo Cesar
18:30-20:00 Drinks and Cava
International Workshop on Analysis and Retrieval of Tracked Events and Motion in Imagery Streams
Organizers: Marco Bertini, University of Florence, Italy, Anastasios Doulamis, TU Crete, Greece, Nikolaos Doulamis, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus,
Jordi Gonzàlez, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, Thomas Moeslund, University of Aalborg, Denmark
8:50-9:00 Welcome by the organizers
Oral session I: Video Features and Scene Analysis
Chair: Anastasios Doulamis
9:00-9:30 “On Improving the Robustness of Variational Optical Flow”
Mahmoud Mohamed, Germany
9:30:10:00 “Hand gesture recognition with depth data”
Fabio Dominio; Mauro Donadeo; Giulio Marin; Pietro Zanuttigh; Guido Maria Cortelazzo, Italy
10:00-10:30 “Nobody Likes Mondays: Foreground Detection and Behavioral Patterns Analysis in Complex Urban Scenes”
Gloria Zen; John Krumm; Nicu Sebe; Eric Horvitz; Ashish Kapoor, Italy
10:30-11:00 “Domain Transfer for Person Re-identification”
Rya Layne; Timoth Hospedales; Shaogangong, United Kingdom
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break
Oral session II: Retrieval of Multimedia Objects/Events
Chair: Nicolas Tsapatsoulis
11:30-12:00 “A Non-parametric Unsupervised Approach for Content Based Image Retrieval and Clustering”
Konstantinos Makantasis; Anastasios Doulamis; Nikolaos Doulamis, Greece
12:00-12:30 “Warping Trajectories for Video Synchronization”
Sukrit Shankar; Joan Lasenby; Anil Kokaram, United Kingdom
12:30 – 14:30 – Lunch Break
Oral session III: Analysis of Visual Events
Chair: Jordi Gonzalez
14:30-15:00 “Abnormal Crowd Behavior Detection and Localization Using Maximum Sub-sequence Search”
Kai-Wen Cheng; Yie-Tarng Chen; Wen-Hsien Fang, Taiwan
15:00-15:30 “Behavior Recognition from Video based on Human Constrained Descriptor and Adaptable Neural Networks”
Athanasios Voulodimos; Nikolaos Doulamis; Stelios Tsafarakis, Greece
15:30-16:00 “Background Modeling Methods for Visual Detection of Maritime Targets”
Paris Kaimakis; Nicolas Tsapatsoulis, Cyprus
16:00-16:30 “Cross-Domain Traffic Scene Understanding by Motion Model Transfer”
Xun Xu; Shaogang Gong; Timothy Hospedales, United Kingdom
16:30 – 16:55 – Closing remarks
5th International Workshop on Multimedia for Cooking and Eating Activities (CEA2013)
Organizers: Kiyoharu Aizawa, Univ. of Tokyo, JP
10:00-10:10 Opening Remarks
9:00 – 10:00 Invited Presentation
“Cooking with Computers, a winning recipe!”
Amelie Cordier, LIRIS, CNRS, France
11:00-11:30 Coffee
Long oral presentations
11:30-12:00 “Knives are picked before slices are cut: Recognition through activity sequence analysis”
Ahmet Iscen, Pinar Duygulu
12:00-12:30 “Controlling Saltiness without Salt: Evaluation of Taste Change by Applying and Releasing Cathodal Current”
Hiromi Nakamura, Homei Miyashita
12:30-13:00 “A Regional Food’s Features Extraction Algorithm and Its Application”
Trung Duc Nguyen, Diep Nguyen, Yasushi Kiyoki
13:00-14:40 Lunch
Short oral presentations
14:40-14:50 “Automatic Authoring of a Domestic Cooking Video Based on the Description of Cooking Instructions”
Yasuhiro Hayashi, Keisuke Doman, Ichiro Ide, Daisuke Deguchi, Hiroshi Murase
14:50-15:00 “Remote Cognitive Rehabilitation Support System for Menu and Meal Preparation”
Mutsuo Sano, Kenzaburo Miyawaki, Hiromi Mitsumori, Kimiko Ohtani, Syunichi Yonemura, Michiko Ohde
15:00-15:10 “Interactive Cooking Simulator” – showing food ingredients appearance changes in frying pan cooking
Fumihiro Kato, Shoichi Hasegawa
15:10-15:20 “User-adaptive models for recognizing food preparation activities”
Sebastian Stein, Stephen Mckenna
15:20-15:30 “Active Labeling Application Applied to Food-Related Object Recognition”
Marc Bolaños, Maite Garolera, Petia Radeva
15:30-15:40 “Detecting Start and End Times of Object-Handlings on a Table by Fusion of Camera and Load Sensors”
Ryuta Yasuoka, Atsushi Hashimoto, Takuya Funatomi, Michihiko Minoh
15:40-15:50 “Taste and Place: design, HCI, location and food”
Alan Chamberlain, Chloe Griffiths
15:50-16:00 “Extraction of ingredient names from recipes by combining linguistic annotations and CRF selection”
Thierry Hamon, Natalia Grabar
16:00-16:10 “A Product Line Approach to Customized Recipe Generation”
José H. Canós, Mª Carmen Penadés, Marcos R. S. Borges, Abel Gómez
16:10-16:20 “Image-Based Food Volume Estimation”
Chang Xu, Ye He, Nitin Khanna, Albert Parra, Carol Boushey, Edward Delp
16:20-17:30 Posters & Coffee
17:30-17:40 Award ceremony & Closing
ACM Multimedia Workshop on Geotagging and Its Applications
Organizers: Liangliang Cao, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA, Gerald Friedland, International Computer Science Institute, USA,
Pascal Kelm, Technische Universitaet of Berlin, Germany
9:00-9:05 Opening
Keynote Session 1
9:05-9:35 “Exploring the World Through Photos”
Bart Thomee, Yahoo! Research Barcelona
9:35-10:05 “Vision with a Billion Eyes”
Jiebo Luo, University of Rochester
Oral Session 1: Geotags and Human Behavior
10:05-10:25 “City-View Image Retrieval Leveraging Check-in Data”
Wen-Yu Lee, Yin-Hsi Kuo, Winston H. Hsu
10:25-10:45 “Personalized Intra- and Inter-City Travel Recommendation Using Large-Scale Geotags”
Toshihiko Yamasaki, Noah Snavely, Andrew Gallagher, Tsuhan Chen
10:45-11:05 “Rare is Interesting: Connecting Spatio-Temporal Behavior Patterns with Subjective Image Appeal”
Gokhan Yildirim, Sabine Süsstrunk
11:05-11:20 Coffee
Keynote 2
11:20-11:50 “What Happens Where?”
John R. Smith, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Oral Session 2 : Photo Localization
11:50-12:10 “Localization of Points of Interest from Georeferenced and Oriented Photographs”
Bart Thomee, Yahoo! Research Barcelona
12:10-12:30 “A Novel Fusion Method for Integrating Multiple Modalities and Knowledge for Multimodal Location Estimation”
Pascal Kelm, Sebastian Schmiedeke, Jaeyoung Choi, Gerald Friedland, Venkatesan Nallampatti Ekambaram, Kannan Ramchandran, Thomas Sikora
12:30-13:00 Panel Discussion
13:00 Announcing the Best Paper Award
2nd ACM International Workshop on Multimedia Analysis for Ecological Data (MAED 2013)
Organizers: Concetto Spampinato, University of Catania, Italy, Vasileios Mezaris, CERTH, Greece, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, CWI, The Netherlands
14:30 Opening
14:30-15:15 Keynote
“Collection and Analysis of Two Complex Ecological Datasets”
Robert Fisher
15:15-16:30 Oral session 1, “Living organisms and environment monitoring”
Acoustic detection of elephant presence in noisy environments”
M. Zeppelzauer, A. S. Stoeger, and C. Breiteneder
“Cross-modal alignment for wildlife recognition”
T. Dusart, A. Venkat, and M.-F. Moens
“A video processing and data retrieval framework for fish population monitoring”
E. Beauxis-Aussalet, S. Palazzo, G. Nadarajan, E. Arslanova, and L. Hardman
“Smart multi-modal marine monitoring via visual analysis and data fusion”
D. Zhang, E. O’Connnor, K. McGuinness, T. Sullivan, N. O’Connor, and F. Regan
16:30-17:00 Coffee
17:00-17:45 Keynote
“Understanding Animal Flight with Three-dimensional and Infrared Computer Vision”
Margrit Betke
17:45-18:30 Oral session 2, “Evaluation and applications”
“The ImageCLEF plant identification task 2013″
H. Goeau, A. Joly, P. Bonnet, V. Bakic, J.-F. Molino, D. Barthelemy, and N. Boujemaa
“A case study of trust issues in scientific video collections”
E. Beauxis-Aussalet, E. Arslanova, L. Hardman, and J. van Ossenbruggen
“A mobile platform for biogeography”
M. Mishima, T. Matsumoto, S. Takano, and O. Matsuda
Data-driven challenge-based workshop ACM MM 2013 – AVEC 2013
Organizers: Björn Schuller, TUM, Germany, Michel Valstar, University of Nottingham, UK, Roddy Cowie, Queen’s University Belfast, UK,
Maja Pantic, Imperial College London, UK, Jarek Krajewski, University of Wuppertal, Germany
9:00-10:00 Keynote
“Specificity of Nonverbal Behavior and Interpersonal Communication to Depression Severity: Beyond Group Differences”
Jeffrey Cohn
10:00-10:25 Challenge introduction
Michel Valstar, Bjoern Schuller, Kirsty Smith, Florian Eyben, Bihan Jiang, Sanjay Bilakhia, Sebastian Schnieder, Roddy Cowie and Maja Pantic
10:25-10:50 “Diagnosis of Depression by Behavioural Signals: A Multimodal Approach”
Nicholas Cummins, Jyoti Joshi, Abhinav Dhall, Vidhyasaharan Sethu, Roland Goecke and Julien Epps
10:50-11:15 “Depression Recognition based on Dynamic Facial and Vocal Expression Features using Partial Least Square Regression”
Hongying Meng, Di Huang, Heng Wang, Hongyu Yang, Mohammed Al-Shuraifi and Yunhong Wang
11:15-11:45 Coffee
11:45-12:10 “Audiovisual Three-Level Fusion for Continuous Estimation of Russell’s Emotion Circumplex”
Enrique Sánchez-Lozano, Paula Lopez-Otero, Laura Docio-Fernandez, Enrique Argones-Rúa and José Luis Alba-Castro
12:10-12:35 “Vocal Biomarkers of Depression Based on Motor Incoordination”
James Williamson, Thomas Quatieri, Brian Helfer, Rachelle Horwitz, Bea Yu and Daryush Mehta
12:35-13:00 Challenge result and conclusion
Michel Valstar, Bjoern Schuller, Kirsty Smith, Florian Eyben, Bihan Jiang, Sanjay Bilakhia, Sebastian Schnieder, Roddy Cowie and Maja Pantic
3rd International Workshop on Interactive Multimedia on Mobile and Portable Devices (IMMPD’13)
Organizers: Jiebo Luo, University of Rochester, USA, Caifeng Shan, Philips Research, The Netherlands, Ling Shao, The University of Sheffield, UK, Minoru Etoh, NTT DOCOMO, Japan
14:30-14:40 Opening Remarks
Ling Shao
14:40-15:30 Keynote Address
“Insights from Big Data: Interaction, Design, and Innovation”
Alejandro Jaimes, Yahoo! Barcelona
Oral Session 1
15:30-15:50 “Convex Object Surface Mapping for Wide Field of View Video Representation”
Dan Mikami, Daisuke Ochi, Ayumi Matsumoto, Akira Kojima
15:50-16:10 “Improved Binary Feature Matching through Fusion of Hamming Distance and Fragile Bit Weight”
Dongye Zhuang
16:10-16:30 “Optimized Speech Balloon Placement for Automatic Comics Generation”
Wei-Ta Chu, Chia-Hsiang Yu
16:30-17:00 Coffee Break
Oral Session 2
17:00-17:20 “A Smart Watch-based Gesture Recognition System for Assisting People with Visual Impairments”
Lorenzo Porzi, Stefano Messelodi, Carla Maria Modena, Elisa Ricci
17:20-17:40 “Sound Preferences of Persons with Hearing Loss Playing an Audio-Based Computer Game”
Rumi Hiraga, Kjetil Hansen
17:40-18:00 “Hand Segmentation for Gesture Recognition in EGO-Vision”
Giuseppe Serra, Marco Camurri, Lorenzo Baraldi, Michela Benedetti, Rita Cucchiara
18:00-18:20 “Energy Efficient Multi-player Smartphone Gaming using 3D Spatial Subdivisioning and PVS Techniques”
Anand Bhojan, Zeng Qiang
Workshop on Event-based Media Integration and Processing
Organizers: Fausto Giunchiglia, University of Trento, Italy, Sang “Peter” Chin, Johns Hopkins University, US, Giulia Boato, University of Trento, Italy, Bogdan Ionescu, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania, Yiannis Kompatsiaris, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece
09:00-09:15 Opening Remarks
Fausto Giunchiglia, Sang “Peter” Chin
Section 1, “Social media and events”
09:15-10:00 “Towards Smart Social Systems”
Ramesh Jain, University of California, Irvine, US
10:00-10:45 “Classifying Images and Videos by Learning from Web Data”
Jiebo Luo, University of Rochester, US
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30-12:15 “Insights from Big Data: Interaction, Design, and Innovation”
Alejandro Jaimes, Yahoo! Research-Barcelona, Spain
12:15-13:00 “Understanding Events and Message Popularity in Media-rich Social Networks”
Lexing Xie, Australian National University, Australia
13:00-14:30 Lunch Break
Section 2, “Event indexing and summarization”
14:30-15:15 “Event-based Summarization for Media Hyperlinking”
Benoit Huet, EURECOM, France
15:15-16:00 “Supervised Learning and Clustering for Event Indexing in Social Media”
Symeon Papadopoulos, CERTH-ITI, Greece
16:00-16:45 “Event Duality: Exploitation of Personal and Social Dimensions for Photo Indexing”
Ivan Tankoyeu, University of Trento, Italy
20:00 Gala dinner

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