Keynotes #1:    Multimedia Framed

Speaker:    Dr. Elizabeth F. Churchill (eBay Research Labs)

When:    October 23

Abstract:    Multimedia is the combination of several media forms. Information designers, educationalists and artists are concerned with questions such as: Is text, or audio or video, or a combination of all three, the best format for the message? Should another modality (e.g., haptics/touch, olfaction) be invoked instead to make the message more effective and/or the experience more engaging? How does the setting affect perception/reception? How does framing affect people’s experience of multimedia? How is the artifact changed through interaction with audience members?

In this presentation, I will talk about people’s experience of multimedia artifacts like videos. I will discuss the ways in which framing affects how we experience multimedia. [..]



Keynotes #2:    The Space Between The Images

Speaker:    Leonidas J. Guibas (Stanford University)

When:    October 24

Abstract:    Multimedia content has become a ubiquitous presence on all our computing devices, spanning the gamut from live content captured by device sensors such as smartphone cameras to immense databases of images, audio and video stored in the cloud. As we try to maximize the utility and value of all these petabytes of content, we often do so by analyzing each piece of data individually and foregoing a deeper analysis of the relationships between the media. Yet with more and more data, there will be more and more connections and correlations, because the data captured comes from the same or similar objects, or because of particular repetitions, symmetries or other relations and self-relations that the data sources satisfy. This is particularly true for media of a geometric character, such as GPS traces, images, videos, 3D scans, 3D models, etc. [..]


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