Submissions Instructions

Submission Instructions

All papers should be prepared and submitted according to the following guidelines. This page serves as a general overview; for details on a specific category of papers, please look up the respective “Call for Contributions” page.

Double-blind Review

Some of the programs in ACM Multimedia use a double-blind review process for paper selection (All others are single-blind). Please follow the guidelines below for submissions to such programs:

In a “Double-blind Review” process, authors should not know the names of the reviewers of their papers, and reviewers should not know the names of the authors. Please prepare your paper in a way that preserves anonymity of the authors.

  • Do not put your names under the title.
  • Avoid using phrases such as “our previous work” when referring to earlier publications by the authors.
  • Remove information that may identify the authors in the acknowledgments (e.g., co-workers and grant IDs).
  • Check supplemental material (e.g., titles in the video clips, or supplementary documents) for information that may identify the authors identity.
  • Avoid providing links to websites that identify the authors.

Maximum length of a paper

Each paper should not be longer than the page limit specified by its program.

Please refer to the following table for a quick summary of page limits and the nature of the review process.

Program and Type of Paper Maximum Number of Pages Double-blind?
Main Conference – full papers 10 Yes
Main conference – short papers 4 Yes
Brave new ideas program – abstract 2 No
Brave new ideas program – paper 10 No
Multimedia grand challenge 4 Yes
Multimedia art exhibition 4 No
Technical demo 2 No
Open source software competition 4 No
Video program 4 No
Doctoral symposium 4 No
Workshops Proposal 6 Info

Paper formatting and templates

All papers must be formatted according to ACM proceedings style. Latex and word templates for this format can be downloaded from the following links:

Latex files (Sample fileStyle filePDF sample file Bib Sample file, and Graph sample file)

Word files

Formatting instructions for other tools

Papers must be submitted as PDF files in Letter size through the online paper submission system. Submissions must strictly adhere to page limits. Papers exceeding the page limits will be rejected without review. The maximum allowed file size is 10 MB.

Paper submission system

The paper submission system (easyChair) for long and short technical papers is here.
The Workshops system will be available soon. However, the following programs do not use the system for submission. Please contact the corresponding chairs directly. See the corresponding calls for details.

  • Tutorials
  • Panel proposals


All deadlines due 23:59 (UTC-11) on the indicated dates.

See Important Dates, too.

Program and Type of Paper Abstract Submission Manuscript Submission Camera-ready Submission
Main conference – full papers March 1, 2013 March 8, 2013 July 30, 2013
Main conference – short papers March 8, 2013 July 30, 2013
Brave new ideas program April 26, 2013 July 30, 2013
Multimedia grand challenge July 1, 2013 August 12, 2013
Multimedia art exhibition TDB TDB
Technical demo April 21, 2013 July 30, 2013
Open source software competition May 13, 2013 July 30, 2013
Video Spotlights August 20, 2013 TBD
Doctoral symposium April 5, 2013 July 30, 2013
Workshops Proposal Info

Other instructions

  • Dual submissions by submitting a manuscript to ACM Multimedia 2013, the authors guarantee that it has not been previously published (or accepted for publication) in substantially similar form. Furthermore, no paper which contains significant overlap with the contributions of this paper either should be submitted during the ACM Multimedia 2013 review period to either a journal or a conference.If there are papers that may appear to violate any of these conditions, then it is the authors’ responsibility to (1) cite these papers (preserving anonymity), (2) argue in the body of your paper why your paper is nontrivially different from these concurrent submissions, and (3) include anonymized versions of those papers in the supplemental material.
  • Supplemental materialAuthors may optionally upload supplemental material. Typically, this material might include:1.    videos of results that cannot be included in the main paper,2.    screen recording of the running program anonymized related submissions to other conferences and journals,3.    and appendices or technical reports containing extended proofs and mathematical derivations that are not essential for understanding of the paper.

Only one supplemental file (10 MB Max.) is allowed. If there is a need to upload more than one file, please concatenate them into a single .ZIP file.

Note: The provision to upload supplemental material may vary depending on the program. Please refer to the relevant program home page for details.


Bogdan Ionescu (University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania)
Qi Tian (University of Texas San Antonio, USA)

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