ACM MM 13′s Mobile Program Guide

Example of Confer @ACM MM13 – Mobile Program Guide

Deciding what to go to is the hardest part of a conference, mostly because navigating the program can be arduous. To help solve this, we’re using the Confer online programsystem from MIT CSAIL and what Confer does is brilliant. You simply create a login and start browsing the program. Click the stars on the talks you want to go to. Once you start doing that, Confer recommends other talks, papers, and demos for you to see. Star those too. Confer lets you search the program for authors, titles, abstracts or even the author’s keywords. Then you can simply view ‘your custom program’ guide to the conference.

And here’s where it gets really good! You can do this all from your laptop or desktop computer or your phone or tablet. Your login, of course, syncs your saved preferences and schedule. If you visit the program from your mobile phone, it saves everything in an offline cache. So the lack of a data plan or unreliable WiFi won’t stop you from getting to your custom conference guide.

Fantastic! Go to and check it out.

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